Green Construction and Electrical Systems

It’s beginning to catch on, the green revolution, people have started to become more aware and have adjusted to making practical adjustments to using more green electricity. This is happening not only on a personal level by individuals buying LED lighting in the use of own homes, but also whole companies and institutions have started to use green electricity, and are making the investments needed to install Eco-friendly systems. People have now even seem to be catching on to green construction. In fact, according to Building magazine Green Construction is making such an impact that it is indeed driving the economic growth up. Check out this article below with some figures about the Green Construction Industry,

B_0815_Newsfeed_Modern‘The green building industry continues to grow in the U.S. and its value is now outpacing overall construction growth, according to a new study commissioned by the USGBC and prepared by Booz Allen Hamilton. The 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study also finds that the green building sector will support more than 2.3 million American jobs and contribute more than $134.3 billion in labor income to working Americans this year.

In addition to adding value to the construction industry, the study shows that green construction will continue to grow in the future, projecting that it will account for more than one-third of jobs in the U.S. construction sector by 2018, as well as generating $190.3 billion in labor earnings. Additionally, the industry’s contribution to GDP is expected to reach $303.5 billion in the next four years. The study notes that with the expected growth in green building will also come an increase in the industry’s contribution to individual states’ tax contributions and environmental asset indicators at the national and state levels.  

“Our research shows that green building has created millions of jobs and contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy, with the construction of LEED-certified buildings accounting for about 40% of green constructions overall contribution to GDP in 2015. This industry is certainly on the rise, and aggressive growth in the green building sector is anticipated over the next four years,” says David Erne, Senior Associate at Booz Allen.

For me, this is very inspiring not only are we finally beginning to take the step necessary to conserve our resources, but at the same time it is creating jobs and boasting the economy. I do hope that this trend continues, that we continue to work towards a clean green world, while still able to enjoy the electrical benefits of our modern world. working on green construction is my favorite type of work as a commercial electrician.

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