The Business World Meets Energy Saving

Yes, energy saving isn’t just for the individual, nowadays business too have found that energy saving is ‘in’ and are working towards installing and using energy saving systems in their business. This is a huge step, and if continued could have huge positive impacts on society. And According to a article in the Electrical Contractor magazine, we can confidently say that it is happening today!

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Businesses taking a Positive Attitude to Energy Saving

The business sector is not considered to the most enthusiastic practitioner of energy conservation, but a new energy-consumption study may debunk the myth.

Conducted in March by the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, the Deloitte Resources 2015 Study examines business attitudes and practices toward energy consumption in the United States for 2014. 

For example, the survey reveals that nearly eight in 10 businesses view reducing electricity costs as essential to having a competitive advantage. More than half have adopted formal energy-reduction goals, and roughly the same number view their efforts as successful.

Businesses aren’t just talking the talk. If investment is any measure, they are also making a significant commitment. Almost all of the businesses surveyed have invested funds in energy management in the past three years, and the portion of their capital budgets dedicated to these efforts grew from 12 percent in 2013 to 17 percent in 2014.

Other findings also show that businesses are taking things seriously. For example, businesses increased their resource-reduction targets in all categories except carbon footprint. This includes aiming to reduce their electricity consumption by 25 percent, up from 22 percent the previous year.

Self-reliance is also a growing trend. More than half of businesses generate at least some of their power on-site. This figure is up from just over 40 percent the previous year. The number skews higher in certain industries, such as technology, media, telecommunications and healthcare, all of which exceeded 60 percent.

The survey authors reason that the results show certain industries may have reached “critical mass” from which the processes and the technology they have adopted will only lead to greater innovation and expansion.

Some of your customers may be these very same business owners, so it may be a prime time to offer your energy-reduction services to them.

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